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Since DGX cluster is a pilot project, ITS Research Computing will have to make sure that you really have a need to use it before your account is granted.  If you think your research will benefit from the DGX cluster, email to describe your research needs and ask for an account.

Once your account request is granted, 2 items need to be worked on for a user to gain access to the DGX GPU cluster.

  1. Add user to the rc_dgx_psx group: This is done by the DGX cluster administrators.
  2. Generate Kubernetes token file and this is done by the user: In order to use the DGX cluster managed by Kubernetes, you will need to generate a Kubernetes token file.  As soon as the file is in place, you will be able to submit jobs to the DGX cluster.

Job managed by Kubernetes requires application to be packaged as Docker image.  You may build your own Docker images.  You may also pull Docker images from Docker Hub, etc..  Research Computing Center also maintains a private Docker image repository hosted in Nvidia GPU Cloud (NGC).  If you need to access Research Computing Center private Docker images in NGC, email to mention your need and request access.  If you need to access NGC publicly available Docker images, you can get a free NGC account but you will not have access to our private Docker images from Research Computing Center.