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For users who are interested in accessing Docker images from NVIDA GPU Cloud (NGC) registry, one can create account in NGC web site (  Since we purchase NVIDIA DGX machines, we even gain access to the NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) private registry.  If you are interested in pulling Docker images from our ITS-Research Computing Center private docker registry, please email and state your needs.  Once your request is approved, we will send invitation for you to join.  After logging to NGC web site, click on the “Get API Key” button then, click on the “Generate API Key” to generate your own NGC API key.  Keep this key in a very safe place.

For users who are interested in running batch and/or interactive jobs in the compute nodes in the cluster with Kubernetes, use the following command to create a Kubernetes secret.  This Kubernetes secret can then be used in your Kubernetes jobs.

kubectl create secret docker-registry secret_name --docker-server= --docker-username=\$oauthtoken --docker-password=your_ngc_api_key --docker-email=your_email_address

Replace “secret_name” with a name such as “regcred-ngc-onyen”, something you can remember when you see it.  The backslash right before “$oauthtoken” is intentional.  It is used to tell “$” is a character not an indication of an environment variable.  Replace “your_ngc_api_key” with your own real NGC API key.  Finally, replace “your_email_address” with your own real email address.

Normally, on can use the following command to list all Kubernetes secrets in DGX cluster.  However, in DGX cluster, this command is disable.  Once you create your Kubernetes secret, make sure that you remember the secret name.  If not, contact DGX admins to get that information.

kubectl get secret